Respect is an integral part of the martial arts world. It is one of the first attributes that comes to mind when people consider the benefits of a martial arts program and should therefore be highly stressed amongst all martial arts students of every age. According to the ATA Leadership manual, respect means “Being […]

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Black Belt Picture

The Power of a Stripe

Who would have known the power of one stripe?  Who would have known the change that could come about?  It didn’t occur to me at the time, but in a little over 48 hours the positive change that it made in one student’s attitude and confidence far outweighed the significance of a little piece of […]

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Goals In Education

This is a very important life skill that shows students and parents that we here at Hesselbirg’s Taekwondo, care not only about the students’ success in martial arts, but also their success in education. Martial Arts skills are nice, but a good Education can be life changing. The first step, is for students to establish their goals. This […]

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Boot Camp  Participants

Martial Arts “Boot Camp”

Hesselbirg’s Taekwondo hosted a Martial Arts “Boot Camp” this past weekend at its East Patchogue location. A special guest instructor from ATA Millstone, NJ, Mr. Edgar Guzman was on hand to run the training. Mr. Guzman, currently a 5th degree black belt and training in the ATA for over 20 years came with one of […]

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