Fall Regional Tournament, November 23, 2014

    Just returned from our Regional Tournament at Rutgers University, NJ.  Our regional tournaments are not just for competition but for us to see our “extended” family and friends. The tournament began with the high ranks of 4th and 5th Degree competition.  The high ranks are not interested in trophies or medals.  Their main […]

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Testings/Rank Promotions

  Hesselbirg’s Taekwondo recently held our rank testing and promotion. Rank testing happens approximately every 8-9 weeks to evaluate the progress of the students. The testing is usually judged and overseen by the Chief Certified Instructor of the school. Guest Judges from other schools or Senior Ranks are invited at times, to not only evaluate […]

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The Blue Belt Blues

            A blue belt is the midway point between white and black belt. And although moving to black belt is a continual progression, there comes a point where a student makes a major personal change.  And the catalyst of this change taking place is frustration. The most important part of dealing […]

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