They say you should never use a word in its definition, but self-control is most simply defined as being able to take control over yourself and the way you behave.  Self-control has a part of every martial arts class here at Hesselbirg’s Taekwondo.  While self-control is an important life skill for all of our students to learn, it is particularly valuable to the parents of an unruly child.  In fact, many parents sign their children up for our martial arts program in hopes of having self-control, discipline, and focus instilled in their child, so we make an effort to emphasize self-control in every class.

Here are a few ways the students already show self-control in our classes.

■ Remaining still during bow-in and bow-out

■ Bowing and shaking hands – remember this is a promise not to hurt your partner, so in a sense they are promising to have self-control over their body.

■ Standing on a star or marker on the floor

■ Raising hands to speak or use the restrooms

■ Following the instructors directions