We speak about “Dedication” all the time in class.  The definition is the willingness to give a lot of time and energy to something that is important.  In Martial Arts some of the underlying components of Dedication are: Commitment and Perseverance.  So today I wanted to share with you two stories of how Past and Present Dedication made the difference in two peoples lives.  I shared these stories with my students in our private Facebook Group and I hope they inspire you.

“Most of you know that I recently took a new job at Johnson Controls. I have been at the Corporate Headquarters in Milwaukee this week for training. While here I got a chance to talk with 2 different gentlemen that are in upper management that had to approve me to be hired. They had never met me but looked over my resume. They each told me separately that the deciding factor to choose me, was because I had put on my resume that I was a Reigning Amateur World Karate Champion (editors note some years ago). They both said that they knew that had to take a lot of dedication and hard work and that was the kind of employee that they wanted. Martial Arts pays off in ways that we don’t realize. I challenge my karate family to keep up the hard work and be proud of what you have accomplished!” M. Westbrooks

M. Urbanek. He wrote: “Same thing happened to my wife. When she applied for a promotion her boss told her that she knew she was Wisconsin State Champ in Taekwondo and how much dedication that something like that takes and she would get the job.”

Had either of these two people quit Martial Arts before hitting their milestones, their current job position and future would be quite different. I’m sure along the way they had disappointments, set backs, and challenges, but to continue demonstrated perseverance and dedication to something they wanted.  Having been a 2 time State Champ I understand that road very well.  You can’t win ever competition, but you learn and working hard for the next time.

Never Give Up! Never Quit!

“A Black Belt is a White Belt that NEVER Quit!”